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Round 3 Details
Techkriti, since its very inception, has provided a platform for the students to showcase their talents. The results of the collective effort over the past years have been wonderful as evident by the fact that IIT Kanpur is the only institute to have made a satellite - JUGNU. It has recently developed an UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) which is going to be used for defense purposes, an ROV (Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicle), the only student made planetarium and the sole observatory in a college in the entire nation.

We hope to honor the efforts of the students of IIT Kanpur and instil these qualities and inspire students of school to do the same to develop our nation.

Our mission is to strengthen and cultivate the talent of our nation at the grassroots level, which serves our sole motive. Through a series of events involving mental aptitude, logic, and scrutiny, it seeks to provide school students a platform to build fundamental experience and knowledge, to exercise co-ordination skills, and to think out of the box while providing solutions to practical problems.
Each round is divided into two pools:
1. Pool A [Class 9th - 10th]
2. Pool B [Class 11th - 12th]
Round 1: Written exam of 90 minutes duration, consisting of 60 questions broadly divided into 2 sections (Aptitude and General Awareness) to be held in respected cities as described on the TOSC website.
Round 2: Online abstract submission- an abstract of your idea has to be submitted online in prescribed format for judging.
Few ideas will be provided by us but student are free to choose one of their own.
Round 3 - Final Round: Participants, on the basis of their abstract will be selected for presenting their ideas in the final round to be held at IIT Kanpur. In this round, students will present their abstracts in front of the panel of judges.
Some Important notes:
1. Questions in the Aptitude section are of different Weightage according to their level of difficulty, to avoid rank clashes.
2. All Questions are multiple choice types with negative marks for wrong answers as specified in question paper.
3. Students must carry their institute ID card or any other Identification proof and print out of TOSC ID card on the day of all the exams.
4. Plagiarism will not be entertained and will result in deregistration of student from TOSC.
How To Apply
Registration would be done online.
Registration fee: INR 100 per student (to be paid online).
Registration and Payment can also be done at your schools. Feel free to contact us in case of any query.
Selection Process
→ 500 students from each pools will be selected for Round 2 on the basis of their score in Round 1.
→ Participants who have qualified Round 1 will be asked to submit an abstract of their solution of any problem pertaining to the physical and social environment of the neighbourhood.
→ Few examples problems will be provided by us on the TOSC website, but students are encouraged to come up with their own problem statement and its solution.
→ On the basis of abstract, 50 students from each pool will qualify for the final round to be held at IIT Kanpur.
→ Students will have to prepare a presentation based on the abstract submitted in Round 2.
→ Students will come to IIT Kanpur with their presentations prepared.
→ Presentations would be judged by a panel consisting of Professors.
→ Decision of judges will be final.

25/10/2015 : Round 1 examination (in your own city).
07/11/2015 : Result declaration of Round 1 (on TOSC website).
07/12/2015 : Deadline for abstract submission.
15/12/2015 : Result declaration of Round 2 (on TOSC website)..
10/01/2016 : Round 3 at IIT Kanpur.

* All the dates are tentative. Proper information would be provided beforehand.
Rank 1
Rank 2
Rank 3
Other perks (Both pools are entitled to them)
TOSC Scholar T-Shirts for Top 50 Students.
Certificate of Excellence for Top 3 Students.
Avanti Fellows is giving free mentorship to top 10 students from both pools.
Certificate of Merit for Top 50 Students.
Certificate of Appreciation for Top 500 Students.
The Finalists will be given free passes to attend Techkriti'16 from 3rd to 6th March, 2016.
The Finalists will be given an opportunity to attend various Workshops(Rubik's Cube and Robotics) & visit campus facilities.
Frequently Asked Questions
      What is TOSC?
Techkriti Open School Championship is an annual school aptitude examination for classes 9th to 12th, conducted and organized by Techkriti. It consists of 3 Rounds. Round 1 is a written exam, based on which 1000 students will be asked to submit (online) the abstract of the project in Round 2 and for the final Round we will invite 100 selected students at IIT Kanpur to give a presentation about their abstract and win lots of prices.
      What is Techkriti?
Techkriti is the annual Technical and Entrepreneurial festival of IIT Kanpur to be held from 3rd to -6th March 2016.
      Where will the examination be held?
Round 1 is to be held in all the cities mentioned on the Website under "Cities" tab. The students will be pre informed about the centre allotted to them. Round 2 is online submissions of abstract which the students can do anywhere. Round 3 is to be held at IIT Kanpur.
      What is the Syllabus of TOSC?
TOSC is an exam filled with fascinating and intriguing questions that test your logical reasoning and genral awareness. If you think your analytical abilities are sharp and clear, then just sit for the exam with a pen and Fresh Mind!!
      What is the eligibility criteria?
You must be studying in standard 9th-12th in the year 2015-16. Classes 9th and 10th comprise the pool A while classes 11th and 12th comprise the pool B. No pre-requisite knowledge is required for solving questions.
      What if two participants equal marks?
There will be few starred marked question in the paper which will serve the basis for deciding ranks in case of tie. For e.g. candidate with more number of correct starred questions will be allotted higher rank.
      Even though my school is not tied up with TOSC, can I participate?
Yes. Every student pursuing school (class 9th-12th) can enroll for TOSC. Exam centre allotted is also irrespective of School you are from.
      How to pay the fee?
A nominal participation fee is charged from each student. Details about the fee / mode of payment etc. are given in the Online Registration Form on the TOSC website.
      What is abstract submission?
Students qualified for Round 2 will have to provide a solution, in the format described on the website, of any problem pertaining to the physical and social environment of the neighbourhood.
Few examples problems will be provided by us on the TOSC website, but students are encouraged to come up with their own problem statement and its solution.
Kanpur Lucknow
Delhi Mumbai
Kupwara (J&K) Kota
Jaipur Patna
Gwalior Bangalore

Email us at tosc@techkriti.org

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Round 2 results declared. R3 will be held at IIT Kanpur.