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The central stage event of Techkriti'15, 'IDEAS' is all about the creativity that we associate with the human mind. With exquisite professionalism, plethora of learning, an elite judging panel comprising reputed VCs, and rigorous evaluation through three different stages, this Business Plan Competition is one of its kind in INDIA.

IDEAS provides budding entrepreneurs with a stage to flourish. Start-ups get guidance from India's finest mentors and also an opportunity for networking, team creation and to raise seed funding. It is watering 'Ideas' in the bud and helping them bloom into impactful endeavors.

It invites all, young and emerging entrepreneurs and also the aspiring entrepreneurs of the future, to shed all regrets emerging as Smart Leaders and to catapult their IDEA to potentially great heights.


Business Venture

The Business Venture of ‘Ideas’ provides the platform where your start-up can find its foundation. Apart from the capital, you can attract the attention and advice of the panel and not to forget the immense networking, informal interaction and feedback from the judges. This contest aims at laying a carpet on your rugged road to establishing a big company, by providing proper mentorship and guidance. Our vast network of venture capitalists, angel investors, incubation hubs and entrepreneurs who serve as mentors and incubators makes sure you get connected to the right people in the industry. Certainly not an opportunity to be missed!

Social Track

The Social Track of ‘Ideas’ aims at helping build innovative enterprises and technology to aid the strata at the bottom of the pyramid and build a sustainable future. It is a platform to showcase any new venture that has a central focus on addressing challenges faced by the society and on creating social values. Social Venture Contest entries may include non-profit, for-profit, or hybrid model business plans.

Elevator Pitch

Have a start-up idea?? ‘Ideas’ provides you the opportunity to present your start up idea in front of masterminds of the field. The emphasis of Elevator Pitch of Ideas is to nurture leaders who dare to unravel the dynamic world of business with their creativity, imaginative thinking and entrepreneurship skills.

Manmohan Gill Bio-business

This competition organized by Biological Sciences & Bioengineering department of IIT Kanpur under the auspices of the Joy and Manmohan Gill Endowment Fund is designed to inculcate the research in the field of bioengineering to ignite the flames of entrepreneurship among graduate & undergraduate students throughout the country .The event aims to provide the right platform for budding bio-entrepreneurs to act on their ideas and talents to come up with a model that combines business and biology which is both innovative and viable.


Submit your entries to

Event Details

Business Venture and Social Track

Prizes worth INR 2,00,000

Round I

  • Submission of Executive summary

Round II

  • Mentorship Program: A ‘14 days long’ intensive program where each team gets mentored by VC’s and venture partners

Round III

Pre-final Round Screening (for BV only)

Date of Event : 20th March 2015

(Teams which didn’t go through Round II have also been considered for this Screening)

  • A 4-min Pitching with short and detailed Presentation

This shall be a qualifier for the top 40 teams, which includes teams which may not have gone through the Mentorship phase (Round II) as well. This Pre-Final Round will take place here at Techkriti and Teams should come down to IIT Kanpur for the same.

Final Round

Date of Event : 21st March 2015

  • Closed door pitching in front of the reputed VC's of India; 10-min presentation followed by Q&As.

Note:'Elevator Pitch' will be held as a separate open competition after the finals of the all other e-factor events and teams may choose to take part in it as well.

Social Track

Prizes worth INR 60,000

Date of Event : 21st March 2015

Elevator Pitch

Prizes worth INR 60,000

NOTE : All the contestants can participate in Elevator Pitch

Date of Event : 21st March 2015

  • A short summary to quickly and simply define your idea, product or service and its value proposition in about 90 seconds.
  • This competition doesn’t require any pre-registration. Participants can simply walk in at the time of the event.

Manmohan Gill Bio-Business

Date of Event : 22nd March 2015

  • A 10-minute Pitch and Presentation followed by Q&As in front of the judging panel.

Abstract Format

IDEAS’15 first round requires an Executive Summary of Business Plan to be submitted in the format described as under.

Deadline for First Round Entries:  11:59 pm, 31st January, 2015


  1. All participants are required to fill the Executive Summary Form and not create their own version of Executive Summary. Participants not adhering to the format will be disqualified.
  2. Please study the Example Executive Summary to get an idea of the information that the teams are required to pen down on the form.
  3. Submit your Executive Summary Forms on
  4. Contestants not adhering to the rules will undergo disqualification.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Students (undergraduates and graduates) and professionals across the world are eligible to participate.
  • Individual participation is allowed, however team participation is encouraged.
  • Entries must be the original work of participants i.e. team members competing must be the principle owners of the venture.

Terms and Conditions

  • It is mandatory for participants to register online.
  • NO offline submissions of the B-Plan for IDEAS’15 will be accepted.
  • All the necessary documents should compulsorily be submitted along with the Executive Summary.
  • Contestants are free to participate in other business plan competitions as well.
  • One participating team can submit more than one Business Plans. However, the team will have to register separately for each B-Plan it submits.
  • Entries submitted after the deadline shall not be considered.
  • The resources and example executive summary provided are only for reference.
  • Entries need to have an innovative value (an innovative idea provides a solution for a new need, or advancement compared to existing products, services or technologies).
  • The confidentiality of the entries/ ideas is guaranteed.
  • The registration form and entries of the teams shall not be returned and their personal data will remain available only for statistical purposes.
  • Entries remain the property of their legal owner.
  • The mentorship program after first evaluation is expected to be 14 days long in general but may be shorter.
  • All conflicts are subject to jurisdiction of Kanpur courts only.

Judging Criteria


  • Mr Aditya Bandi (Bookpad Inc. (acquired by Yahoo!))
  • Mr Anil Joshi (Mumbai Angles)
  • Mr Utkarsh Sinha (BitChemy Venturs)
  • Mr Rakesh Mishra (Global Co-Chair at IIT Mentors)
  • Mr Sohil Shah (Intellecap Impact Investment Network)
  • Mr Gagan Jain (Co-Founder at Puzzledesh India Pvt. Ltd)


  • Originality of Idea
  • Feasibility of the business model given the market opportunity and the venture.
  • Scalability, in terms of the potential for growth and replication of the venture.
  • Well-conceived implementation plan and timetable.
  • Overall likelihood of achieving demonstrable results.


  • Evidence of demand for the venture in the marketplace; market size and growth opportunity.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of target market
  • Competitive analysis , SWOT analysis
  • Marketing Plan addresses (wherever applicable): positioning, pricing, advertising, promotion, packaging, timetable.

Performance Benchmarks

  • Outline the development of systems to track, monitor and assess the performance milestones articulated in venture plan

Financial Aspects

  • Fundability: The potential for the venture to receive financial support from additional investors/donors(including opportunities for funding from foundations, social venture funds, angel investors and venture capitalists)
  • The rigor and feasibility of the venture's financial model and goals
  • Potential for follow-on funding to grow the venture through self-sufficiency or profitability.

Risk Assessment and Contingency Plans

  • Identify risk factors associated with the enterprise and external environment. Develop a plan for mitigating them.

Demonstrated Leadership Ability

  • Quantify venture leader's ability to develop people, promote change and achieve results.

Social Impact Assessment (For Social Venture Track)

  • Reach, depth and quality of social impact
  • Rigor and validity of social impact analysis calculation
  • Proposal for implementing social impact metrics


What should I do to participate in IDEAS'15?

First, register for Techkriti’15. Once you are done with that, you can proceed to the submission on IDEAS page on the website.

What is the registration/participation fee for IDEAS'15?

There is NO registration/participation fee.

What is the last date for submission?

The last date for submitting/editing your B-Plan is 31st January, 2015.

How do I decide the category for my B-Plan?

Refer to the rules and eligibility criteria of IDEAS'15.

Can I submit any additional document that has not being asked for?

No, we do not accept any other documents. The judging will be done strictly on the basis of documents which have been asked for.

I have registered more than once for the same entry. What should I do?

A single registration should be done for a single entry. If you have registered more than once, please send an e-mail to, mentioning information about all the registrations made for the entry.

How is confidentiality of the B-Plan maintained?

The entries for IDEAS'15 are judged by reputed VC’s, established entrepreneurs and industrialists who believe in promoting entrepreneurship. Your entry is only viewed by the judge. At no stage is an organizer permitted to view your executive summary/B-Plan. Presentations are closed door.

Can I get a sample copy of a Business Plan?

You can get a sample copy of a Business Plan under the resources section in the Website.

Can a team consist of people from different colleges/companies?

Yes, a team can consist of people from different colleges/companies.

What will be judging criteria?

Refer to the Judging Criteria for IDEAS’15. Judging will be done by a group of reputed entrepreneurs, Venture Capitalists and experienced people from the industry.

Does my business plan have to be technology specific?

No, we encourage the entry of all well-developed business plans.

What resources are available to help in writing my business plan?

Please see our Resources page. Teams qualifying in the first round will be allocated mentors from the entrepreneurial community to provide assistance and guidance in developing a successful business plan.

How does the mentoring program work?

Mentors are experienced entrepreneurs or experts of specific fields who provide assistance and guidance to competition participants. Mentors will offer suggestions and feedback to help participants develop and refine a business plan. Participants are not compelled to have a mentor, although teams are strongly encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity. Teams can select a mentor on their own or request that the competition committee assigns a mentor to help them.

When can I request for a Mentor?

A mentor will be allotted to all the teams that qualify for the second round.

Can I enter both IDEAS Business and IDEAS Social Track?

Yes, you can participate in both. However, ideas for both tracks must be different, catering to the criteria of respective categories. You cannot enter both categories with the same B-Plan.

Please explain more about IDEAS Social Track.

The Social Track of ‘Ideas’ aims to educate participants in the process of creating and evaluating new ventures that have a central focus on the creation of social value. Its goal is to prepare participants for opportunities in entrepreneurship sometime during their careers. Social Venture Contest entries may include non-profit, for-profit, or hybrid model business plans.

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